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shitty links for shitty people

[adult swim]
Keep up with the best band in the fuckin' universe
MJA - lol. get ur traffic up
Yeah, I read Harry Potter. say something...
They had a was better than yours.
Do and say whatever this man tells you
Get to know your Preacher
You're pretty when I'm drunk
Start at the beginning ~ Trigun
Howl: Laugh or should probably just die.
Angels Can Be Hedonists
Start at the beginning ~ FLCL
Fallen Angels ~ Know your shit.
n00bs. many many n00bs.
White Chapel ~ Warren Ellis' Boards
Drunk Duck ~ Web Comics
Flaming Text
Marc Soto
Start at the beginning ~ Bleach
Inuyasha Fansite
ScrewAttack ~ Cool shit for gamers and whoever
Ordering coffee with SOAD

Every Old School Nintendo Game~ Play Free