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Jason was a loser, whose life was going nowhere. That's what he would tell you if you had asked...that's the way he liked it. He had lost his job, his girlfriend...his the span of a month. His one and only friend in the world was a crack addict who needed his help to keep scoring and who in turn, gave him company on his self-inflicted road to ruin. To him, the loss of those ties to life made the inevitable death we all face that much easier to accept and it also meant that there were no disappointments to be responsibilites to hold him down, not ones that he cared about at any rate. But after an encounter with a homeless man wielding a mysterious gun...all of that changed.

A gun that is always cold to the touch, a gun that never runs out of bullets, a gun that appears out of nowhere when its master has need of it....a gun with great and terrible power. Terrible power that comes at a terrible price. A curse passed down every 100 years brings death around every corner and forces the wielder to play its game or be consumed by it.

So, Jason, the loser whose life was once going nowhere is forced to ask...where exactly is his life going now?

This is the curse of the devil's spear...the beginning of the end is here.